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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

That's the same one I've got my eyes on... and it's on sale right now for $339 which isn't bad, but still a bit steep for taking the engine out to make it into a dyno... but if I can find a used generator about that size for the right price I will get one. I also always check the returned and scratch and dent items everytime I visit harbor freight just in case they got something like that at a much lower price.
Another thing to consider would be an automotive alternator since it could also be loaded enough to load up one of these engines for breaking in. Preferably a big truck or rv alternator that can put out more current, which would put more of a load on the engines. Most car alternators that can put out about 120 amps or more would be ideal, but even at 100 amps, that's just 1200 watts so not quite enough to use as a dyno for these engines but 2 of them could be used, and these also have a good amount of rotating mass even without a load... just another thought...
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