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Default my journey begins (electra townie balloon 7D)

I am buying a cruiser style bike to motorize, I still need to go down to the local shop that has the one I want and measure the space in the frame. if it looks big enough I will take it. my employer provides a yearly health and wellness budget, so they will reimburse the pre tax price. freeing up my money for the engine and eventual mods.

the bike is a norco santiago, aluminum frame 7 speed.

I have read to strongly reinforce the fenders and watch/maintain closely. and watch the aluminum frame for cracking, especially if I want to bury the cables. and locktite everything.

there is a local guy selling a ZB 80 jet 80cc that of course is a 66cc kit
otherwise there's a canadian supplier of grubbee skyhawk gt5a, same price with free shipping. i think the american suppliers will tally up higher due to exchange rate and shipping/customs etc...
besides my mods will all be from southern suppliers.

I will probably use exhaust wrap tape on my first muffler, I have read mixed reviews on using any kind of rubber for the mounts.

future mods probably; disc brakes with single lever for front and back, engine mods (internal and external), jackshaft kit and probably a better seat. maybe a front suspension, springer or shock depending what fits.

so hoping to get the bike tomorrow, motor maybe too, if i go local. but riding and work will have to wait until my back recovers from a recent strain.

anyways i will be happy for any suggestions, tips and so forth.


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