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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Originally Posted by T-lo View Post
Gps says i'm doing 26.4 mph at tops. I think i'm tuned up pretty well with no mods on a mountian bike with 44 tooth sprocket. this is with my 66/80cc (or whatever) skyhawk gt5 and the new pain in the ass cns carb.
So, how fast are you going? please tell me your engine, Mph, sprocket, bicycle type... I wana know! and no guesses please
Broke the 20 MPH speed barrier last week - had my "Goped" for 15 months now - made it 21 MPH on straightway!!

first time - usually she hits 19 and no faster.

4-stroke HS ("haushing........whatever) 49cc "Goped" scooter (11" tires 6" rims)

my "Flea Hopper" ---fuel tank support broke-off 2 weeks ago - but got it re-welded for 20 -bucks and all putt back together/on last week and then went out and made my speed record!

she's a "good girl"
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