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Default Re: Fuel issue, topend studder, getting annoyed

Originally Posted by JD-StukNchaoS View Post
Hey Ibcnya, hopefully you have isolated the problem by now. One thing that you'd mentioned that caught my eye was you set the plug gap at only .22 and i would suggest trying a wider gap setting. Generally for wot bogg combined with an already weak plug you'll be pulling your hair out for days to come. I've resolved this by setting the gap to .35-.42 on a new NGK iridium plug. Note that .45 is the max that you should go.,..,.,,..,.good luck oh i'd use a min. 89 octane for premix.,.just a thought
I am not at all sure where you guys are coming up with these gap measurements.

First of all it looks like you are one digit off. These engines do best at .020-.025". In fact some run pretty darn well at .015". They will do OK at .030", but larger gap buys nothing, and may even invite alternative pathways (read: fouling shorts).

Also higher AKI fuel won't help these engines either. Use FRESH 87 RON-MON/2, and a good oil mixed fresh.
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