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Default Re: Going to buy a motorized bike

I like this one but I have not researched the seller or the motor.
would consider it but if it were me I would still pull at least the top end off the motor and upgrade most of the hardware. We can help if you want to dive in that deep. I know it seems strange but if you go the Chinese 2 stroke route it's a really good idea to learn the motor well.
Probably the most reliable set up without spending money on a Honda motor is this kit mounted on the Huffy Cranbrook that Dave recommend. That's by far your best bet, the weak point being the coaster brake on the Cranbrook. With some ingenuity you can add disc brakes but it involves some pretty technical drilling the front hub or changing wheels, a BMX type caliper will also work well enough and is inexpensive.
And do yourself a big favor and spend the money on one of these the thing called a rag joint that comes with the kits to mount the rear sprocket is a stunningly horrible idea.
And lastly I try to support the vendors that support this site, this is a great place. That said customer service from gasbike where I buy a lot is less than great. The vendor thatsdax has a great reputation on here and will much more likely help you after the sale than a lot of others.
Oh and welcome!

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