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Default Re: New Worksman Drum Brake Hub - No Stopping Power

Aside from coaster brakes, all other brakes work better as they get older and break in.

Caliper brakes can suck for the first week, until the pads wear down and match the rim surface, don't work as well on steel rims, and suck in wet weather.

V brakes are slightly better, but still suck in wet weather.

The main "problem" with drum brakes is the shoes are hard, and take a long time to wear in. Take a look at any drum brake after months of riding and you'll see spots on the shoes that have never touched the drum.

But they'll last a lifetime, and get better with age.

I have an Atom drum from the 60's that will lock up the front and you can do endos with it, and the shoes still have 80% of their life left.

I have new worksman drums that are lousy, but getting better all the time.

It's a combination of everything. If you have crappy levers and cables, it makes it worse.

One thing you can do to speed the break in process up is ride the brake when you're just cruising around. It'll help wear the shoes in.

Or, just scrap it. Put it on Craig's and buy discs...
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