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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

The brushless motor is my favorite but I would have to recharge a Lipo pack more than likely as these bicycle motors barely make enough electricity to fire a spark plug. We did all the math to run an electric turbo on my last RX7 then I met these VW guys who had an operating one and they showed me how difficult it was to control. The block and crank they blew apart on the dyno was quite impressive actually ha ha. That said, I bet RC motors and controllers are readily available and we'll proven. I bet they spin faster than a bike motor and wouldn't need to be overdriven as much. I need to do a little hunting for RB35 parts as I probably only need the compressor side wheel, shaft, and housing. This could end up being really fun, it almost makes me want to do it to a 2 stroke. Then I would have two things that people say absolutely do not work. Electric turbo, and forced induction on a two stroke.
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