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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

For a really small turbo like the rb31 or gt12 it may need to turn at least 100 rpm to be efficient and make boost, but on a small engine like a 50cc, you could probably achieve that kind of rpm by over driving the compressor wheel By 2 or 3 to 1 and powering it with a high powered brushless rc motor that can spin at close to 50k rpm, I'm thinking an rb31 compressor wheel and housing could be attached to a cog type pulley and belt and run off an rc motor it should be able to spin the wheel to 80 to 150k rpm with the right gearing. You may even find a way to gear drive the compressor if a small cog belt isn't strong enough or efficient enough, a little straight cut gear whine may also be pleasing to the ears when running too... I'm thinking the use of a cog belt and pulleys would be the easiest way to get the right drive ratio since they are readily available from cnc suppliers, just be sure to use a belt guard of some sort or stay out of the plane of rotation because if it throws the belt at that speed it's gonna hurt just a little more than getting a rubber band shot at ya...
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