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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

The compressor side of a tiny turbo driven of the motor is probably the best option now that you say it. The Vortex and like are well proven and I think the layout has a lot of advantages. The shop that worked on my race bike installed that type of set up on a v-twin Harley and it worked well. Might need to achieve a pretty big over drive ratio off the engine? Say spin the motor at 10000 would the turbine build enough boost by 50000? I find surge charts a little confusing even though I have stared at them enough hours. Most are at peak efficiency between 100000 to 150000 but I'm only looking for 3 to 5 psi at most sp maybe 50000 or a bit more would work. I have seen electric driven turbos work with that kind of over drive so I know it is possible. I think the motorcycle set up actually ran off a belt but I always lean toward chain and gears because it's what I know.
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