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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

If you got the means to balance the shaft on an rb31 I'm sure you could make one work by lightening the turbine and impeller wheels up considerably, learn the trim numbers and letters and what each trim's strong and weak points are... the Q trim on the turbine side reduces the weight and rotating mass quite a bit but it's not the most efficient trim either, but may be a necessary evil since it's one of the lightest trims... find out what the lightest trim is and you may need to explain to a turbo builder just what your trying to do and they might be able to get an rb31 or gt12 light enough to spool and maybe even have smaller housings available with a tighter ar ratio that can spool better off a really small engine. I know the larger more common size turbos can be set up to spool with the least exhaust restriction by swapping out the turbine and compressor housings but that's more of a "fine tune" once the right compressor and turbine wheels are selected, I'm not sure if all this is readily available when dealing with these tiny turbos, but if so, then this might be the key to getting one to work on a 50cc engine.

if you want to go the supercharger route, there's a guy who builds mini v8's with roots type blowers that work, I dunno how much he would sell just the blower for but it may be close enough to the right size for a 50cc engine, considering these are kinda novelty for the rc world they may be too pricy to consider, but a belt driven compressor wheel and housing off a small turbo could be made to work something similar to a vortec or pro charger where the compressor wheel spins about 5x the engine rpm or more.
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