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Default Re: What would you do different?

I'm a small engine repairman by profession and have been building motorized bikes for almost thirty years, but when I saw the Chinese motor kits I thought I was in heaven. I've been thinking of putting a kit on the market for a long time but was not smart enough to know how. What a great way to get people motivated into mechanical things. Get the young kids into the garage with their dads and build something fun together. Anyway, I balanced a lot of flywheels but never a crank. So I learned so much on these little motors about balancing because I got three in a row from boygofast that shook so bad they were unrideable. So that's what I'll do differently when I make a new chinese bike. Make sure the vibration is at a minimum and eliminate all the associated problems that it causes, like broken mounting studs cracked frames, buzzing hands, etc. It's not an easy process and most builders will try everything but balancing to eliminate vibration. Like rubber mounts on the motor and bars, weights in the bar ends and extra attaching points for the muffler. I started out buying new Walmart Schwinns to install the kits and sell. It went pretty well until the market was saturated and the profits went way down. And then when I encountered the vibration problem, the extra time to put it right made me stop selling motorbikes.

Good luck to future builders. I hope the industry acknowledges and fixes the vibration problems.
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