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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

I think that turbo is a little much for a cg engine... I was going to put it on my Nissan 4x4 pickup to give it a little extra power but about the time I had all the parts I needed to do the job the engine started knocking so now I'm looking at rebuilding a 4.0 ford v6 and getting a 5 speed from an explorer sport or mustang. This will definitely give the little truck some decent power but now that turbo is to small to feed the 4 liter v6, but I got a customer who has a first Gen 300zx who thinks he blew his turbo and I may sell it to him and help him install it since it's enough to give his car a nice boost over the stock turbo it has. For the 4.0 I'm putting in my truck, I'm thinking more on using a gm style supercharger off a 3.8 like the Pontiac Bonneville ssei or maybe one off an 89 thunderbird super coupe. This will be more compact and much easier to make up an exhaust system than turbo charging. I'm also planning on turbo charging a Buell blast using a garret gt 15 or ihi rb31 turbo, these bikes have about 35hp stock but lots of torque so they don't feel sluggish at all for their size, but that power could easily be doubled with the right size turbo.
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