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Default Re: What's your MTBF?

My first bike was high maintenance but didn't break down often, just needed constant adjustments. Second bike went through 3 engines. Then I stopped messing with kits and went 4 stroke. 3rd bike, pretty much same thing as first. And I don't count user errors as breakdowns unless they result in a catastrophic failure. I guess maybe people have different definitions of a breakdown, mine is when the machine fails and it's not due to user error, or a user error causes a catastrophic failure. If a small error causes a temporary interruption of operation and the error can be corrected with no permanent effects, that's not a break down. So in reality, my last bike never actually broke down, I damaged the crankcase gasket and chose not to replace it. I have no idea of my actual time between failures, but I do know I did eventually get to the point where I stopped carrying tools altogether.
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