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Default Re: Bike Stand For Motorized Bikes With Suspension Forks

Originally Posted by skyl4rk View Post
ouch, hope nothing broke!
read this. 2door
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Re: How did you get injured on your motor bike?


Stupid, just plain stupid: and clumsy
I went to the library today and stopped off in the park to watch the people and relax in the sun. I'd parked the bike next to a picnic table and Just as I took a seat I saw the bike falling. My double kickstand was sinking in the soft wet grass. I grabbed for it, my hand hit my rear view mirror, broke it off, put a deep, inch long gash across the top of my right index finger on the broken edge. I'm bleeding like a stuck pig with nothing to wrap my finger with. When the bleeding slowed I decided to head for home and that's when I saw my speedometer hanging by the wires. My hand must have hit it too. Broke the mount right where it attaches to my bars...Stupid!
I should have let it fall; I'd have done less damage and wouldn't be sitting here now with my finger bandaged. Rats!
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