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Don't do the CVT. If you can hook up a shift kit that would probably get you to 40 on a long enough straight. What I have found is that the CVT sucks up a good amount of energy and limits the engine rpms to the shifting rpm- so if it engages around 2200 shift rpm will be around 3200, and the motor will never rev higher. Even if it did rev, you're still fighting the mechanical losses of the belt.

When out on the road I guess I forgot to tighten the crank bolt and my cvt eventually undid itself, 2mi from home. Spent an hour treasure hunting for one part of it with no luck. Ended up hiding the bike in the bushes and came back to that spot the next day with another transmission- MT belt clutch, hoping it would work to take my bike home. First impression: acceleration super slow. Clutch lockup wayy too early. But once it fully locks up with the bike going about 20 mph, then the motor will rev to 4500 and the bike is extremely responsive.

Although my original cvt high gear ratio is the same as the mt clutch.. The losses of the belt prevent it from revving. I am experimenting with changing the cvt engagement to 3000, and 3300. Hopefully that will let the shift rpm increase closer to 4500. Also, I will change the rear final drive sprocket from 12t to 15t and try to join the 50mph club!
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