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Default Hello yet again from Wisconsin

Hello all I thought I would introduce myself, my names Alex and I have an el'cheepo 66cc (or 80cc?) eBay kit in the mail at the moment and a 20 year old mountain bike that I've had since middle school ready for motorized hilarity. I've been around the block when it comes to automotive tinkering and currently own a v8 swapped rx7 that I built. One day I found myself obsessed with the idea of a motorized bike after seeing this in the "roddin at random" section of an old copy of Hotrod magazine.

This beautiful Kohler powered rolling piece of badassery has been stuck in my head for the last year and half, and I originally planned on building a briggs powered bike from an old frame and parts from Fleet Farm but realized that I would be better off starting with a kit to get a better handle on motorbiking in general. I also once owned a Sport Bike and a scooter simultaneously and found myself on the Chinese scooter far more often then my actual motorcycle because it was just more fun to ride and I hope to recapture some of that magic with this build.

Car nerd read an article about a motorized bike in a magazine for car nerds, and now here I am.
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