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There is a huge variety of pre blended nitro fuel available for R/C cars and planes. Everything from 5% up to 50% nitro to methanol blend but they use huge amounts of castor oil in the blends. I was able to make it work with the emulsion tube drilled as far as I could then one size bit up from that on the jet with an RT carb fed by a Briggs V-twin pulse pump. You have to try to achieve 6 times the fuel flow rate of gasoline. It actually burns cooler and makes roughly 3 maybe close to 4 times the combustion force of gas. It's a very quick way to explode engines obviously. Mine held together for a few wide open passes on our test road. I have a balanced crank and tapped the cases to 3/8 and had grade 8 bolts ran down thru the head for studs.
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