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The cam is available and I will port it even though they say not much can be done. Compression is fixed on the Huasheng, but I have a couple ideas that might work. I have an aluminum intake manifold partially built out of half a Briggs V-twin manifold, I'm sure I will have some work to port match it and line up the bolt holes. I have read up on header designs and that should be straight forward. And you know I like nitro blended with methanol, the China Girl took to it really well. If the Huasheng seems strong enough I may try the same percentage I ran in the CG since I have baseline jetting math that should be close. I will have to blend my own though. With the 2 stroke I took the easy way out and bought off the shelf R/C fuel but it had a ton of castor oil in it and I don't want or need that in the tiny thumper.
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