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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Another thing you can do if welding isn't an option is get some old handlebars and cut out the bends and straight sections then you can braze the sections together with a mapp torch. If the typical 7/8" bars are too small, you can usually get some used Harley bars that are 1" diameter off eBay for fairly cheap, there's a seller named dead parts on ebay that usually has used or bent bars that can be bought to harvest the bends and straight sections to braze to your pipe for a more permanent install. The hydraulic hose works because it has a steel braided core which will make it last considerably longer but it will eventually burn thru if used really close to the exhaust port, but there's also a flexible steel conduit that can be brazed to add header length and it also comes in 1" so it'll work with most pipes. Having a flexible section in the system will also prevent cracking or other premature damage.
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