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All right! Now you've got a motor bicycle that's safe and good looking.
Lights are often overlooked, but they could save your life. I had a close call that could have been avoided, now I always put lights on any bike I'm riding.
Great idea to replace the fenders. There are horror stories of fender bracket failures sending folks end over. I personally like, and always use fenders.
There is one thing I'd mention, and that's the kit provided chain tensioner. Not everyone agrees, but the sane among us believe it is an accident waiting to happen.
Imagine that thing rotating over just a bit, right into your spokes. That's gonna ruin your whole afternoon. It's unnecessary and easy to be rid of. Simply adjust your drive chain length.
Glad to see you back at it, and congrats on the wheels, most people don't build their own.

It's cooler to not fall off your bike.
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