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Default Re: Operational Engine Stand

I made a stand for mine out of a piece of 1 1/4" steel tubing welded to a 1/2 steel plate so it can hold the engine for display on the counter at my shop, but it can be c clamped to the welding table for working on the engines or even doing test runs. For cooling you can use one of those squirrel cage fans like the blue blower or those yellow Stanley garage fans since they put out a lot of air in a small area. You can buy a pull starter to start the engines or put a wider nut on the mag rotor and start with a cordless drill, don't try this with the standard nut or it'll strip tho.... for fuel I just use a pocketbike tank hung above the engine. What I want to do next is find a way to put a load on the engines so I can run them in or at least partially run them in before installing. I've been thinking about getting a used portable generator and taking the engine out so I could install a sprocket and then use it as a dummy load for the engine by running a fan to keep the engine cool and some halogen lights to put a load on the engine and this could be automated further with a laptop and a set of servo motors to operate the throttle along with a temp sensor so it could auto shut down if it started getting too hot. Right now I don't have the time to make something like this but if things slow down this fall and winter I should have enough time to build a setup like this to run in the engine before it goes into a bike frame, but for now, just having a stable stand and a fuel supply with a fan blowing onto the cylinder is enough to start, run, and do some minor tuning. Right now I use it mainly for displaying but it works great for setting up a new engine.
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