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Default Re: i'm going to call this O. spoftc floating axel

Originally Posted by spoftc View Post
furthermore, Im having a good time making it. I enjoy taking things in a new direction, All the while (abandoning the pedals completely ) trying to be a little faster than the guy accross town cause who knows what he is brewing in his garage !?? its called my struggle. I dont know who wrote motorized bicycle newbie underneath my computer stage name but what i do know is when i see you out on the road on your mtrzd bike your gonna get smoked by a newbie
The newbie title goes away as you post more, it's all done by post count but there is a way you can change that title yourself in the user settings...
That's a wicked setup you got and I'm glad to see you're bullet proofing the weak spots since you got a lot more engine than most of us... I'm sure that one accelerates like a bomb if it's geared to top out just under 50mph.... have you made any videos of it in action yet?
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