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Default New to bike moding, and my first real mod

Hi I am from Quebec, Canada.
I joined this forum knowing that many people where are experiencing some minor confusion when attempting to start such a project. I am taking the steps to build a motorized pedal bike, from mostly what I have lying around, and luckily I have a lot of spare parts and odds and ends that need a permanent home.

I got my hands on a Schwinn Sting Ray, red with flames. more or less bone stock with some added rust to clean up. I also have a Home Light (weed whacker-weed eater.) amongst other motors I could use.
Motor tested good, I might change all the gaskets and end up fitting a real exhaust ( not sold on it yet.)

I'm sure you guys well see me around with some updates, I removed parts to grind the metal down, which I am going to do tomorrow.
Before I looked around online for schematics I was thinking of a 2 chain driven system, then I was glad to see its a common route people take.
I would like some help with a motor mount, I drew some drawings I will post a bit later.
I am glad I can work with many people that have did this in the past .
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