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Default Re: Beginner Buying advice

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Welcome to the forum, that question can be answered many ways. I like most of the members here that have built a few of these disassemble the engine before I ever run it. This will void the warranty but by doing this I've never needed a warranty. If you're going to use a cranbrook be careful of the brakes, the coaster brake leaves a lot to be desired. I always add a front brake of some type, a bmx side pull brake with a 96mm reach works on a cruiser bike.

Oh of course with the brakes. I already plan on a dual pull brake lever from sick bike parts and brakes on front and rear. I don't have a death wish. Perhaps o should tell a little bit more about the project and see if anyone else has any further advice, as I'm sure I can't have thought of everything. Planning on a 66cc kit on the huffy Cranbrook with front and rear side pull brakes with larger clearance for a cruiser. Also possibly a lay back seat post for a little more room as I'm 6'6" 220lb. I've been looking around for a while and have heard a lot of good about both rawmotors and piston bikes with the jet kit. I'm not super mechanically inclined but I know which end of a screwdriver to use, so I can learn some things. Just not super sure it would be a good idea to take apart the engine and then be able to get it back together again, although it is probably a good option. I would just hate to void the warranty and then need a replacement for a bad part. I'm a college kid so obviously budget is no problem... Oh wait. Money is a little tight so I'd like to keep things reasonably priced, hence why I'm not running straight to Dax for that beautiful f80 Kit and amazing customer service. But any other help or advice would be so greatly appreciated as I'm sure the members on here are all wise beyond their years.
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