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Default Re: Bike Stand For Motorized Bikes With Suspension Forks

Originally Posted by skyl4rk View Post
I had the two legged kickstand with rubber feet from Spooky, it would just barely keep the bike up, it wasn't high enough. Then I tried to bend the "steel" and found out why it was called an alloy stand, it cracked.

I broke down and spent the money for the above stand, there are many suppliers all around $40 - $45. It works well and lifts the front wheel up about 2 to 3 inches, just right. It is heavy duty and easy to install. This is on a cruiser style bike. It is easy to use and folds up nicely. It bolts right on to the frame, no special kickstand plate needed. You do have to line it up right so that it unfolds perpendicular to the frame, that might take a few adjustments.

Highly recommended, in fact I don't know of any other option that comes close.
i have a 20" bike and was going to lay it flat and custom mount it so when it would normally be down it would be up and vice you think it would work?

its kinda hard to tell the angle of it in the up position and how hard it locks in the up position
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