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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Built this bike as a learning tool to build a ground up land speed record bike for the under 100cc class at Bonneville. Then got the crazy or maybe stupid idea to see if this bike would do it. The first bike is a fixie type bicycle with a GT5 geometry 66cc bottom end. It has a balanced crank, heavily ported cases and cylinder, went thru a small pile of cut up and drilled out pistons, Rotung carb for fuel class and NT carb for the gas class, Briggs pulse type fuel pump. Our goal is 105mpg on pavement to hopefully break the 94mph record on the salt. Currently with an 18 tooth rear sprocket on 20% nitro methane blended with methanol and a 135lb rider it has a higher top speed than our little old Nissan Chase truck.
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