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Default Re: Best oil filter to run on a China Girl? Is the Serve Pro ok?

Originally Posted by LandSpeedRecord View Post
It leaves me wondering, could my motor get the same energy boost from the whip cream? I already have a Manic Mechanic intake, what if I ran the whip cream right into that so it enters the motor right at the port? This would avoid any stickyness or bug problems that might normally occur. I can see ring problems if I try to run apple pie thru it but whip cream should be ok right?
you can but you need to use Cool Whip. it's made from vegetable oil rather than dairy fat. Dairy whipped cream will work once or twice but the fatty acid deposits in the engine will do your piston rings in.
in theory you could counteract the siezing from the fatty acit deposits but making sure to run the engine super regularly, almost never letting it cool down. doing this won't keep the deposits from solidifying into plaque inside the fuel hose though, so you might need to use Niacin additive in the fuel though wich is known to have a detrimental effect on fuel economy.

whatever brand you use, make sure to use the low fat/lite version otherwise you will be running too rich.
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