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Default Transmission blew up 2mi from home today

Maybe I forgot to tighten the crank bolt that holds the centrifugal part of the CVT driver unit on the crank... but it just happened.. Did my FIRST EVER lane sharing around those pesky Indian housewives in minivans, got back in right lane, then BOOM!!! I thought I threw a rod or something.

The clutch blew a large crack in my side cover. Most of the parts were still inside. One spring missing. Found it two lanes over from where it blew

The brass piece that lets the belt idle on the crank was broken in two. One washer was missing. For these first 500 miles with the bike I'm carrying all my tools.. in case of emergency.. like this.. so far have almost 200miles in less than a week.

Measured and cut the springs shorter with the vice grips, put it all back together.. Gave it a test ride.. IT WORKS!!! I WON'T HAVE TO PUSH THE BIKE TWO MILES!!!

My water-heater copper header pipe also had a hole in it at the mount, so I removed the muffler completely as well.

All this good stuff changed my shifting RPM to 3900 from 3300. If my butt was far enough back on the seat it would lift the front wheel. Screw the muffler.. its robbing me of too much hp..
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