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Default "Flea Hopper" as of this morning "Flea Flopper"

Generic 4 stroke goped broke one of her two fuel tank mounts ;-(.

now in the shop to re-weld back to original form -------------- cost? not sure. all talk was casual and I didn't bring up cost. For a 1-inch steel weld of a mount to frame I think 30 bucks is apt. more than 40 and I'd not be happy ;-/.

.......400 miles and 30 hours - and my first "structural failure"......................

never thought 20 mph as so brutal physically pn my "Fl/Hopper".


BTW saw a nice full decked out MBike (looked like a picture perfect Kvale offering (not sure if Kvale as a Norman costumer - but sure looked like a possibility) from his Website) 2 weeks ago as I was doing my usual front yard Gardening --------came vipping by.

Saw Ironhorse 5.1 about a month ago in Alameda too!.

and there is another one with a motorized bicycle here - so make 3 motorized bikes here.

and for Gopeds - mine is 4-stroke - another 2 stroke has zoomed in front of my house 2 months ago as well as an electric version of the same 3 months ago.

AND we have an electric Trike! - which seems tp stay on sidewalks and under 10 mph AFAIK (and seen)
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