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Default Re: Repair or what?

The problem is the magneto coil... it does NOT like water, if your having trouble with it starting and it's been sitting out in the rain or if you decided to hose down the bike to wash it, there's a really strong chance it fried the mag coil that's located under the left side cover on the engine, remove that cover and see if there's any water in there, even if it's just condensation I would recommend replacing the mag coil.
A few drops of water in the fuel is nothing compared to letting the mag coil get wet.... and the gasket provided in the kit or installed at the factory doesn't do a very good job at keeping water or moisture out. Even those of us who went in and sealed this area better with gasket sealant and sealing off the opening where the 3 wires come out, we still don't ride in the rain, store the bike where it can get rained on or wash the bike with a hose, but instead store the bike inside, cover with plastic if it has to be outside, and use other methods to keep the bikes clean... all because water KILLS mag coils.
You can drain the carb and the tank and put in some fresh fuel, but if that don't help it start, I'd be looking under that left side cover...
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