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Default Re: Bottom bracket advice

Well, it took some doing but I was able to get the 25t gear off the mountain bike. I started out taking my grinder and cutting the crank arm off at the spindle, opposite the gear cluster, thinking I could take a hammer and just knock the spindle out the other side and then drill the rivets out holding the gears together. Didn't work out that way, because the spindle wouldn't come out. So I cut the arm off the gear side, and drilled out the rivets holding the largest gear on. This gave me enough room to cut through the spindle, but the gears still weren't coming off. So I set about drilling out the rivets that held the smaller gears together, and when that was done I took another look at the spindle and realized I could see the square part of the spindle. So I took my grinder and turned it sideways and ground into the square part of the spindle. This relieved the pressure on the square taper and I knocked the gears off with a hammer. I then realized the gears had not only been riveted together, they were also splined to the crank arm. So I took my grinder and ground down the splines, then hit it with a hammer and the two smaller gears finally separated. Now I have a 25t gear that I can bolt onto the other chain ring after I hack it apart to fit.

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