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Default Re: eho35 and others.. Does the clutch go bad often?

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
The Robin clutch is fine and should offer miles of service.....under normal use.

When you say towing 300 lbs do you mean in addition to bike and rider weight?
Because if you do I would not consider that normal use, that is a load. I don't know what type terrain you're going to cover but besides needing some phenomenal brakes you might find a 35cc a bit underpowered.
I have that same setup and for me at 190 lbs plus bike, no other load, I have to pedal to get rolling to 10 mph not to really bog and labor the engine.

The Honda GHX50 has a 3 shoe clutch and obviously more power.

Another substantial issue with such a load besides the clutch slipping will be the spindle slipping on the tire.

BTW, with the drive you mentioned, I'm curious how ya going to get a 7/8" spindle when the smallest they now have is 1"?
I believe but am not positive staton offered a 7/8. The place I purchased from does not. I am going to get a 1.5 and a 1" for starts. I am planning on going slowly in increments with the weights and will go front and rear if I have to. an empty trailer I can personally pull pretty fast and I have pulled a washing machine full size with a stainless drum, and 200 pounds of misc on a trailer this past summer with 1 or two flats. I found that tires want to go flat or look flat under such pressure.. Finally my derailer cracked off the aluminum frame (of all things)!!! I can still tow with the Gary Fisher but must attempt an aluminum repair of the derailer and do an overhaul of the entire bike first. Looks loke the GHX50 is a top contender at the moment. I like this forum a lot and plan on showiing you what a bike can do for people when your down and out and innovated. I won't be down and out for long. I might be the new UPS in town!

Thanks for the tip!!
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