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Default Re: China Girls....Happy Times

Originally Posted by dtv5403 View Post
The DIY builds also usually don't need as many improvements as the 2 smokers lmfbo, because the engines we use for the DIY builds almost always make more power than a China girl right out of the box. You've done how many mods to your engine, and you're up to 4.5hp, meanwhile I disconnected my governor externally, got a high flow exhaust and a bigger Carb and I'm already up to probably 4hp. So you like your engine better because it needs all those parts and mods done to it?
Why are you always trying to pick fights? What I am trying to say is that I like to mod my engines. Is there a problem with that? My car makes 255 hp at the crank from the factory which is more than plenty for a full size sedan, but I still have mods done to it because that's my hobby to get more out of it. 4.5hp is basically an estimate I don't wanna go flaunting around numbers like they are a big deal. Ask those who have seen the bike in real life it goes pretty dang well for what it is and it's still on the stock carb. Other than that realistically it has a fred head and an expansion chamber. Other stuff was done for basically free. Money invested in the engine is around a hundred bucks for an engine that'll spin just below 10k rpm? I say that is good.

That's all besides the point I was expressing my opinion on DIY builds as in like I said previously "if it isn't already on a go kart it doesn't have much go fast bits" which predator engines definitely have quite a bit of an aftermarket because they are used on everything. Same with the honda equivalents. There is a difference between a predator and an off brand weed eater engine.

Now that I am on topic of picking fights it seems that not many people can get along with you as I have already seen you arguing with other people in the chat three different occasions. You might need to look at yourself if this is a re-occuring case. Thanks for your time.
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