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Default Re: China Girls....Happy Times

If you don't have access to fabrication tools, HT engines allow you to build a bike to ride using basic hand tools. Supposedly the newer generation motors are better. I think as long as they will be available they will be a core staple of motorbicyling since they are what most people start out on and sometimes stick with if they are satisfied. They're well matched and easy to use without much tuning, and work well if maintained.

I've used different engines on bikes and I still would like to put a HT on a road bicycle because the engine fits well in the bikes center of mass and it would be comfortable to pedal. I've found that with the other more powerful engines which can be attached to a bike, the pedals become vestigial and even dangerous and they become scooters or "nopeds". The HT has a different torque band then the racing oriented two strokes, and works well with pedaling uphill without straining the motor if the pedal and motor gearing is matched. The trucklike nature of the engine would be good for a daily cruiser, instead of cruising blasters and just putting hours on them.
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