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You are right, it is a v frame. The thing is that the derailleur is about 2 or 3 inches from the bottom, right in the spot im assuming is the best place for the rear motor mount. From what I've read most people suggest placing the engine as low in the frame as possible, but alas i will just have to wait for the kit to arive to try it out. I just got a message from my eBay seller telling me that the kit i ordered ( black slant head 49cc)is out of stock at the moment and that they were not sure when the would have more in. They have had the money for several days now so its got me worried. I've asked them to either upgrade me to the 66cc kit in black or upgrade my shipping from standard to expedited on the chrome 49cc kit. If they wont do either then im going to ask for a refund and just get a 66cc lot in black from another seller. Do you think im being unreasonable?
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