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Default Re: muffler hangers

Are you speaking of 4 strokes?

I'm still wanting a China girl muffler that's got another six inches of pipe and/or muffler length-

I want less noise and the muffler not pointing the sound down onto the road where it echoes off loudly

I had a poo poo pipe on my 66 build for a couple of years- and definitely quieter, but I had to cut the pipe and recouple it with aluminum to make it fit-

and hanging it was always a problem otherwise-

They have some great things at Lowes CHEAP that look like the hangers with a long piece of angle iron on them too.

Some day I may try to braze the pipe and try it again- but I wish the standard muffler was longer and had more pipe.

I usually ride my 50cc bike because the 66 noise bothers me .
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