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Default Re: Friendly reminder!!

Good you found out the problem in time. I'm always feeling and listening for something that seems out of place and then pull over and check it.

For the exhaust nuts I use a piece of spring and make hook ends to stretch it from one nut to the other and they have not budged in two years. If the nut wants to loosen it just jams up against the spring hook and goes nowhere. And I have the clutch keeper brass nut thingy attached to the clutch arm the same way sort of. I lost one once and was not happy. Never again.

Also, before I put the spring on I had stripped out an exhaust bolt and fixed it with Quicksteel which is like JBweld. Never had a problem since then. You just need to clean out the hole nicely and sharpen up whatever threads are left on the bolt.

Slogger, that's how I clean off oil too, with acetone and then blast with air duster can and repeat 4 or 5 times to be sure.
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