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Default Re: Friendly reminder!!

I'm glad you caught it in time and your bike wasn't torn up. You know, I keep checking my adapter bolts but they stay tight. No loc-tite. I'm a machine builder by trade and one thing I've found is that aluminum will glom onto a steel bolt all by itself. Stainless steel is even worse, and will seize so bad you wouldn't believe it. Anyway I cleaned the threads before putting them in and snugged them up, and that's been the end of it.
I will check them again in your honor, Woogieman!
My poo pipe muffler gets loose now and then, and the intake manifold nuts once in a great while. I had the head nuts loosen up once, too.
The adapter has been trouble free.
I loc-tited just about everything else, even the chainguard screws and stuff.
I spend an hour or so a week going over it, looking at things, just zoning out.
I enjoy tinkering, that's why the CG is my favorite bike engine. It needs me.
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