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Default Friendly reminder!!

Well I had my bike or during lunch, to ride back to work. Was on the main road and head a slight ping noise two or three times. Didn't think anything about it too I had a chunk and my motor died. Was able to come to s safe stop, as well as the gentleman in the car behind me. As we were stopped he commented about my speed....35 mph! Found I was ok and he was on his way. Walked my bike to work, around .75 miles. Once there I looked over the bike again and noticed that my hub adapter looked funny. Upon closer inspection I found that one of the bolts that holds the sprocket to the hub was missing a bolt, and that the other two were loose. Guess I forgot to lock tight the bolts in.

I am extremely lucky that I was able to stop safely, and not fly over the handle bars.

So please remember to lock tight, and tighten ALL your bolts!
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