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Default Re: what are you waiting for in the mail ?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I fully agree on the parts kits at $99 ... Way too high for what you're getting, I remember they didn't cost that much just a few months ago, but I could buy some cheap engine kits, and either sell just the engines on ebay or break them down for spare parts since I can get full kits for like $30 more with the engine included.
Yep, 8 have seen complete CG kits for $100, heck I only paid $119.00 shipped to my door direct from Hong Kong for the last engine kit I bought, its the one that still has stock upper bearing, just ports cleaned up and is running strong still on a 25:1 mix of 40w non-detergent oil.

Bike will cruise at 39mph with a 30T on a 24"wheel... yeah 8 know its my experimental rig with 40w non-detergent, but for less than $120.00 so far it has run like a champ on the mix.

For the record here, the kit upper bearing isnt one of those old types but instead actually looks like some of the higher quality upper bearing Ive seen lately, so thats why I wanted to give it a whirl to see how it would hold up.

Honest to ge5 this back on the topic of kit parts excluding the engine... I think its a better investment to just order the cheapest kit with free shipping you can find on ebay unless all you need is a tank or a coil etc.... especially for us tinkering types who don5 just put a bike together and forget it but like to have multiple rides and are always doing a little this and that to them for whatever reason and its a fact that if you ride a basically stock build much at all you'll need some of those extra parts from time to time anyway.
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