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Default Re: what are you waiting for in the mail ?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Now I got 2 more bikes on their way, 1 is a dual suspension frame to replace my cracked frame, and the other is a complete bike, a 700c road bike.
2 40mm intake cylinders, one of the cylinders was in the same box as the BGF bottom end I got last week, so just waiting on one more...
2 Dax bottom ends, 2 piston and ring sets, and I think I ordered some more stuff from mzmiami that I forgot to mention...

Stuff I need to order real soon...
2 more rear sprocket adapters
2 tanks
levers & cables
more chains

I've been looking for the best price on installation kits, you know, the ones that come with everything but the engine, but those can be hard to justify when I end up replacing most the stuff with better quality pieces, so unless I can find these engineless kits for a really low price they don't save me much and I end up with a lot of unused parts.

On the parts kit subject Ive noticed that some like dax want $99 just for the pieces without an engine, that is way to high and completely unjustified in my opinion since for about $20 more I can buy a complete engine kit with all those same parts and an engine, yeah the engine will likely need to have the crank trued up and a couple other things done to it, but even if I dont run that engine I have well over $100 worth of extra parts if I piece it out and figure what all those parts would cost seperately.

The most I would be willing to pay for a parts kit excluding the engine would be $40
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