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Default Re: Nitros Oxide?

Not a good idea for daily use, those nitrous oxide kits are a ripoff anyway since they don't add the required additional fuel into the mix, they can overheat and blow a hole thru your piston if on the juice a second or 3 too long, but for the most part, don't it... none of these "kits" i've seen have any means of delivering the extra fuel it takes to make the power and save your engine from self destruction, and they add *maybe* 1/3 to 1/2 hp for about 3 to 5 seconds.

Here's the lowdown on these kits...
The "nitrous holder and trigger is a C02 cartridge type bicycle tire inflator, then they supply about 5 feet of aquarium tubing and a nipple barb for your intake manifold, and the nitrous cartridges are the same size as those C02 cartridges except filles with nitrous oxide and they are commonly used for those whipped creamers where you put in the cream and push the button and it dispenses a foamy whipped cream. You can look up these cartridges on ebay and places for the whipped creamer and see the real price...
The tire inflators usually sell on ebay as tire inflators for around $10, and we all know aquarium tubing is really dirt cheap... so somewhere back when pocketbikes became really popular somebody replaced a C02 cartridge with a nitrous cartridge and plumbed it onto a pocketbike manifold and they used to sell like crazy until there were a LOT of disapointed customers... Basically, you can build one of these kits for just under $20 and these people sell them for $50 to $75 or more not to mention charging an arm and a leg for those cartridges they bought in bulk for whipped creamers for maybe $1 each so there's the first rip off, the second rip off is that it makes no significant amount of boost, and the boost only lasts about 3 to 6 seconds per cartridge. The lack of additional fuel keps these from making any decent power, but is also very dangerous for your engine...
So my simple answer is Don't do it
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