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Post Re: New Rider In Oxnard,CA Area

Thanks for the welcome 2door.. well I had an appointment I had to make it to this morning at 8am and the weather decided not to cooperate, raining down showers off and on. My motorized bike is my only source of transportation so I had to ride to my appt in the rain and back. Mind you I have a beach cruiser with only a coaster brake(I know I should have listened and installed rim brakes!) Well to install he 44tooth sprocket to the wheel I had to remove the hub's dust cover for a solid fitament. I knew this was a bad idea but i figured the worst that could happen would be my hubs life being shorter from dust and dirt mixing with the bearing grease and scoring all the surfaces up. Well what ended up happening is the water from the rain got into the hub this mixed with a long ride eventually washed away all the grease in the hub. If any of you know about coaster brakes, they need grease inorder to keep brake shoes, clutch, bearings, etc operating and retracting properly. So long story short my hub ended up locking up and when a coaster brake hub locks up it basically transfers all the energy being used to spin the rear wheel and sends it directly to the crank and peddles causing them to become a death trap of unstoppable rotating nuclear energy. Luckily I was coming up t_o a traffic signal when this happened so instead of being launched into the rear window of the car infront of me, I just received a decent "shinner" from the peddles. Toltally would have been another story if the hub happened to lock up 20sec prior while I was cruising along
at 25-30mph thank god! Anywho good excuse to go pick up a nice heavy duty wheel with a freewheel and 12gauge spokes and ofcourse a rim brake kit. With all that said, now you know if you didnt already, just tryn to save another person from the potential danger associated with running coaster brakes on a motorized bike! Happy riding all
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