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Default Re: Could use some help with asking price?

Originally Posted by knightscape View Post
LOL, $400 would be nuts. Yup, there's absolutely nothing notable about this bike, it's a stock kit in every way. I guess I'll give it a good wipe down, take some glamour shots (lol), post it for $250 and see what happens.
do what you gotta do man, it's your bike and your sale.
I took a wander around your local craigslist and saw several bikes very comparable to yours listed for around $400. even if those bikes are actually selling for $250 after negotiations you still aught to list yours for $400 just to get that. regardless of asking price having the bike look nice in the picture is almost as important as what state the bike is in (take the picture with a pretty park on a sunny day in the background)

lot's of comments in this thread seem to be from the point of view of how much YOU would like to SPEND on this bike when the real question is how much would HE want to GET for it. a completely different thing. Not to mention the fact that market forces vary from place to place, and this affects the value of items in those places when compared to each-other.
if you think the bike is only worth $200 but you sell it for $400 congradulations, you are a good buisnessman. this thread seems to have gotten really heated over one or two hundred dollars that none of us are spending.

good luck with the bike whatever you plan to do, I hope you make a profit.
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