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Default Re: I'm new i need advice....

Great advice so far from other members. Here is my 2 cents. You spoke if building another better bike next. First start with a good bike, avoid big box stores. Micargi bikes and cruisers are barely more expensive than box store bikes from some of the big web sites and are in another world as far as quality. I am not a fan of shift kits but in your case it is probably best. A 7 speeed Micargi cruiser with a shift kit from Sick Bike Parts one of the site sponsors here with a well built Chinese 66cc motor will climb any reasonable hill and give you good top speed. There is a member on here with a ton of quality shift kit builds that can maybe chime in but I know he strongly recommends the upgraded shift kit from them because of some of the bearings and I would definitely follow that advice. If you use quality parts like that for just a bit more money you will have an efficient and reliable bike. I am by no means a master builder bt have spent countless hours building and learning on here for my projects so feel free to pick my brain for what it's worth anytime.

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