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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Tonight I finished truing my custom wheel set that I'm building for my upcoming project. The front is a 130mm dirt bike drum, and the rear is a 90mm moped drum, both laced to 24" steel bicycle rims with 11g spokes. The front hub was given to me by a very good buddy, and the rear hub was purchased brand new, I got it in a trade. I like the front hub simply for its size, its 1.5 times bigger than the biggest bicycle drum available. I'm expecting stopping power that is comparable to disc with this big drum. I like the rear hub because the drive sprocket bolts directly to the hub via six mounting holes, making it far superior to any sprocket adapter or rag joint. I trued them in the rear of a bicycle frame, using a c-brake with the brake pads as feelers. At first I tried using both pads at the same time, thinking I could get it done faster if I could true both sides of the rim simultaneously, but what I discovered is that when you get both pads really close to the rim, its very hard to tell which side of the rim is rubbing on the pads, especially in low light. So I used one brake pad at a time. I did not use a brake cable to squeeze the pads against the rim, I just tightened down the nut that holds the brakes to the frame. The front wheel gave me a spot of trouble, but I figured it out. The first time I trued it, I was finding loose spokes on one side of the frame, and spokes that were way too tight on the other. What I did was loosen the two spokes closest to the loose spoke, then tighten the loose spoke, then tighten the two spokes closest to it. By doing this, I was able to get the spoke tension much more even. Now I need to trim the spoke ends because they were a little long, but they were the shortest 11g spokes I could find. I looked into custom spoke lengths, but none of the websites I found offered 11g spokes. Anyway, pics of the wheels can be seen in this thread:
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