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Default Re: Could use some help with asking price?

My personal opinion, $400 is way too much. I'm not trying to sound like a duck, but you said yourself it's a used, unknown frame and a rebuilt engine. The only new parts on it are the ones you installed. You may see those nasty bikes at an asking price of 250, but that doesn't mean they are selling for that. I do acknowledge that you put time and effort into it, and I do feel that you should get more back than you put in, if I were in the market I would not go any higher than 3 bills. I'd probably make an initial offer of 250. it's your run of the mill basic two stroke kit bike. It looks decently put together, I just don't see anything making it worth 4 bills. As I said, not trying to sound like a duck. Just giving my honest opinion. I'm sure others will feel differently.
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