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Default Re: Fuel issue, topend studder, getting annoyed

before you pop a hole in the cap look and see is thee any fuel leaking out of the cap area? All my tanks seem to leak a little fuel if filled up to high so if you have any fuel leaking out around the cap area poking a hole in the cap is not going to fix the problem.
I think you said you have a nonstock carb so I'm not going to be able to help I haven't messed with the after market carbs.
I reread some of the posts and I'm wondering is the float level set too low it runs fine for a little while then starts stumbling?! Or you might have a float needle sticking and starving it for fuel. There should also be a vent on the carb. On thechina carbs the opening for the vent is under the aircleaner right by the pivot arm for the choke I haven't run into one being plugged yet but it could cause a fuel issue if it happened to get plugged. If you still have the stock carb try it and see if the fuel problem goes away.
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