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Default Re: I got hit by a car today on my MB.

Man sorry to hear that!! Hope you heal up quickly and completely... I know what broken ribe feel like... no fun at all. I've been on 2 wheels most my life as well and more so than 4 wheels so I've had my share of close calls and been hit by a car before, but not that bad, I was just rear ended at a stoplight while on the Harley but at first thought the clutch just engaged somehow since I was launched about 5 feet forward before I realized what happened so I was able to keep the bike up, and it wasn't until I looked at one of my mirrors and saw nothing but grille that I realized I was hit.
I've only had one accident on a motorized bicycle and that one did hurt, but it was no where near as bad as what happened to you on yours... front wheel locked up over a patch of lose gravel and threw me off at about 20mph and I landed belly first and slid to a stop so most of it was just road rash and I was sore for a few days. I just hope you can heal up quickly and your bike gets fixed shortly afterwards, just be careful with the broken ribs and try not to cough or laugh too much, and take it easy as much as you can while healing up.
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