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Default Re: Looking for help!

Welcome to the forum...
From reading the other posts in here it looks like you got the advice you need... first off, you need to run in your engine, it will go faster and run smoother as it breaks in, change your mix to at least 24:1 or 32:1, both are safe for break in and it will also start a lot easier with the leaner oil mix. If you do experience hard starts when cold, check your plug gap and set it .022 to .026" these ignition aren't very strong at low starting rpm so closing the gap a little will help it start better and prevent misfires when running.
Don't worry too much about carb jetting during break in since you want it to running rich during this time to help prevent overheating, removed jetting the carb is best done after at least mthe second tank has run thru.
Check your head studs after its run several times and return torque as necessary, these will work loose a few times but stay put after it runs in more. If you do feel it start to feel a little sluggish and lose some power during this time kits time to let it rest and cool down, I try to keep the first several runs under 10 minutes while breaking it in, but run it like I intend to after break in, just keep running it up and slowing down to run it up again to help seat the rings, you can ride it hard but don't linger at top speed or at any constant speed during the first tank, when you feel it start to lose it's edge, it's time to stop and let it cool down so stay close to home the first several runs.
when the engine is cooled down, check that the head nuts are still tight (120 to 140 in/lb) use a torque wrench since these are easy to overtorque. Also periodically check the intake and exhaust bolts and the case bolts that can be accessed. Mount the engine very solid to the frame and check that the hardware don't work loose. Check chain tension and alignment frequently until everything stays put and your bike will thank you.

After the engine has been run in thru at least 2 full tanks of fuel then you can start tuning the carb or replacing with a performance like the RT carb. You can remove the end cap off the muffler and drill at least 3 5/16" holes thru the end cap for more performance without making it too loud during break in and modify or replace the stock exhaust after it's run in some more, an aftermarket air filter will also help during break in and after.

If you want more speed or power after break in, do a LOT of reading on porting before you attempt, and feel free to ask as many questions as you need before even looking at a dremel, we will help.... mine would barely go past 25mph when new and I've got it up to 42mph thru the stock nt carb and with the stock 44 tooth rear sprocket and so have quite a few others so we can help you get there once you put some miles on your engine.
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